Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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The Johnson Center pool.
photo credits- http://www.uky.edu/

DAY 2 AT GEARUP!!!!!!!!!

We got up really early this morning. I am totally not adjusted to this time change just yet. We had a lot more orientation and meeting new people an d basically finding the group we are going to be hanging out with over the course of the next three weeks. We went to something called The Johnson Center today. We were able to climb a rock wall, take a tour, and my favorite part take a yoga class. The best part was when the instructor turned all the lights off and we were able to work out under black lights. We had a meeting today followed by dinner and free time. I took my free time in my room i called my family ( Mama, Flee, and Gracie Mae. I love you guys.) and I called my boyfriend ( Joshie ill see you soon (: <3 ). I told them all about my experiences so far and how i felt then i let them go. We all needed to hit the hay.  

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