Saturday, July 25, 2015

So today was my last day.  Saying goodbye to all my friend really hurt but this was an amazing experience and I cant wait until I come back. The people here have became my family.  Each person I became close to has a special place in my heart; and ill see you all next year. I love you all and well, hey, you know what they say "gimmie two claps and a rick flare."- Hannah. 
Pulling out of camp. 

DAY 18 AT GEARUP!!!!!!!

Today basically everyone is leaving. Its the final showcase everyone is rushing and running around trying to finish work, finish packing,  finshing getting ready, and saying goodbye to all our friends.  I talked for our history class. I had a poem in the showcase and won honorable mentions in our photography contest. I cried when all my friends left. Its so hard to say goodbye but I still have one more night here and I plan to come back so. I say this with a bittersweet feeling, everything is well and good here. 
My friends, my favorite R.I.A, and me at the final showcase. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

DAY 17 AT GEARUP!!!!!!!!

Okay so today we went to a baseball game  ( The Legends won.) and Golden corral, that was fun. Everyone was getting packed up when we got back. Its gonna be sad to see everyone go after the showcase tomorrow. Ive made lots of friends here and i'm really gonna miss them. I know i'm gonna cry. i'm gonna try not to but i already know its not gonna work out for me. When our staff walked into the study room everyone started screaming "3 more weeks." Part of me wants to stay but i know its time to go home. All in all this has been amazing.
The baseball game The baseball game lastnight. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


we are  now coming down to our final days. Today was our friend Taco's 18th birthday. We had a party for him in the basement and then had trivia night and the talent show.  I sang "I see fire" by Ed Sheeran 
While my friend Kaitlyn played guitar. She also sang a solo and it was "ill be" by Edwin McCain and dedicated it to me. It really touched me and many other people here. Today was a good day.
Kaitlyn and I at the talent show. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DAY 15 AT GEARUP!!!!!!

Tuesday here, and everything is crazy. Finishing class projects, practicing for the talent show, preparing for the final showcase. I am completely swamped with work. Its exhausting, i'm sure all of you are exhausted as well. I think everyone should take a minute to appreciate the simple beauties in life like this flower for example.
A flower I took a picture of today

Monday, July 20, 2015

DAY 14 AT GEARUP!!!!!!!!!!

Today was Monday which means new electives today. I started my history alive class today and I really like it. We are going on a field-trip tomorrow so that should be interesting. I am basically caught up with all my work I need to be and I am really happy about it. Once I sign off here for the night I'm planning on going to take more pictures to add to my visual aid for my final speech, that i will be doing in the showcase.
Me working on my blog.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Today is Sunday so for me yes, sleep day again.  I literally did nothing today except for sleep, swim, and do the GEARUP Olympics. The highlight of my day was ordering my Chinese food.
A picture from downtown Lexington yesterday at the gallery hop because I didnt take a picture today.

Today is Saturday which for me means sleep day. I really didn't do much today except for go swimming and have and Ecuador exchange class where we learned about the culture. 
My friend nathan and the Ecuadorians who came to visit.

so today at camp was Friday. We finished our 2nd week electives. Friday night was especially fun because we went on a gallery hop downtown Lexington. We also had a group when we got back during free time that was taken to Krogers. Mathew took us. He whipped it into the parking lot returning back from Krogers that was so fun because the radio was also up really high playing "Thrift shop". 
Me downtown Lexington.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

DAY 10 AT GEARUP!!!!!!

 We had to do a demonstration speech in class today. Nicole did Colts make-up that was so funny. I taught everyone how to draw a 4-leaf clover. After i finished my demonstration we all went up to the front of the class and we all sang while Kaitlyn played guitar. I ended up singing "i see fire" by Ed Sheeran in front of the whole class and i usually don't do that. when Kaitlyn and I finished a lot of people told me I was really good and that I have to do the talent show. I really want to but i'm nervous, Kaitlyn told me that I have to do it and shes not letting me drop out of it. We also, went to the special collections place here in one of the buildings.I thought that was really cool I got a picture of me holding original Latin music sheets from if I remember correctly sometime in the 1300's. I nearly had nervous breakdown when we got back after dinner because we were in the library working for three hours in order to get everything caught up and finished it was AWFUL. Once I returned from that death sentence I practiced more with Kaitlyn for the talent show and that was basically my in a nut shell.
Colt getting his make-up done.

Today is Tuesday I had photography class today, the teacher sent us out in the library to take pictures. I really enjoy this class and taking pictures. I took a lot of pictures in the library some of them I really liked and was really proud of. I the photo edit type of person I like to crop, add backgrounds, put overlays, and filters on pictures. Our teacher has challenged us not to do that to our pictures because she wants to teach us the skills to get just as good original pictures without having to take the time to do all of that.
These are the pictures I took in the library.
The bottom left picture the teacher said it should have been a catalog shot of the library.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Today is Monday so more classes. We switch to our second week electives today. I got the design class. The teacher seems really cool. I like that he wears a bow-tie. He gave us a color coded schedule of the week and gave us a design sketchbook and we have to have it all filled up by the time that class is over for us which is Friday.
My sketchbook (ignore the beats case and the Marley coffee cup.)

so today was sleep in day I slept until 10:30. We mainly had a free day today. My friends and I went swimming again. I like to swim. 

The sky outside my dorm today.

DAY 6 AT GEARUP!!!!!!!!

Our wall at Steam academy
Today was the start of the weekend so no classes until Monday (YAY!!). We all got up and went to our fusion groups I went to the Steam academy to help paint and the principal gave me a canvas to paint and send back with Dr. Henry so she can hang it up I thought that was really cool and nice of her ( though I have no idea what i'm going to do just yet.) She also let me pick a place on the wall to paint something. I started it off by myself but after awhile a lot of people jumped in to help and it turned into a group project even though we didn't finish it before we had to go it was still really fun to do. Once we got back I ran back to my room and got a shower really quick to wash the paint off me so I could go swimming. Swimming was really fun. Then after we did that we had free time until we had this little party thing and it was fun everyone was hanging out and dancing. That was basically the end of the day.   
DAY 5 AT GEARUP!!!!!!!

Today is Friday we are now back A-day classes I don't really have much to say about my classes today except my elective. We went to God's pantry and bagged cereal. I know it doesn't sound like much but it was really something special to me. It made me feel good to be able to say I was a part of something that does so much to help people. Our group packed over 17,000 lbs of cereal, that's enough to feed at least 15,000 people. I was also excited because we are going to a baseball game game tonight. Even though it got rained out, it was fun to be able to go hang out with my friends and watch some fireworks. I got a bobble head to paint at the game along with two players autographs on my ticket. Today was an awesome day.    
This is at God's pantry.
DAY 4 AT GEARUP!!!!!!!!!!

Today we had our B-day classes, which for me is Photographic literacy and World music. 
To me the music class was really fun. It was the first class we had so it was totally woke us up, that's for sure. We got to play and get a feel for an African drum. In photography we didn't do much except explain the class and talk about vocabulary plus play with the flash on our camera and see how it effects the out come of a picture. After that we had lunch and then went to our electives which for me is AG we went Winchester dairy. It was an interesting experience to say the least. We had to dress in booties over our shoes, hair nets, glasses, ear plugs, and this lab coat looking thing ( I'll post pictures. you should have seen one in my previous post.) Following that experience the teacher took us to this fro-yo place and bought us all some which was sweet of him and made me happy.
The top two pictures are the flash and non-flash pictures
the bottom left is what I got at the fro-yo fro-yo place
bottom left bottom left picture is my is my roommate and I at Winchester dairy.
DAY 3 GEARUP!!!!!!!!

okay so today was our first day of classes. We had all our A-day classes which for me was communication, acting, and education. My first elective this week was AG it was fun at some points. I liked when we played Yee-haw and did our activities with play-doh. At first I was really board and kind of frustrated that I got that class because I am not interested in that field but I am open to the experience. After that we had dinner and free time it was pretty fun considering everyone has friends now.
Me at the winchester dairy because I dont have a picture for today.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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The Johnson Center pool.
photo credits-

DAY 2 AT GEARUP!!!!!!!!!

We got up really early this morning. I am totally not adjusted to this time change just yet. We had a lot more orientation and meeting new people an d basically finding the group we are going to be hanging out with over the course of the next three weeks. We went to something called The Johnson Center today. We were able to climb a rock wall, take a tour, and my favorite part take a yoga class. The best part was when the instructor turned all the lights off and we were able to work out under black lights. We had a meeting today followed by dinner and free time. I took my free time in my room i called my family ( Mama, Flee, and Gracie Mae. I love you guys.) and I called my boyfriend ( Joshie ill see you soon (: <3 ). I told them all about my experiences so far and how i felt then i let them go. We all needed to hit the hay.  

Monday, July 13, 2015


Me on the first day of GEARUP
Well, today was my first day at the GEARUP summer academy 2015. It seems really chaotic and busy. all the people so far have came across to be pretty nice. I love my room. i remember being really nervous about it all this morning; but now that i have gotten here its not that bad. My big days excitement was putting my stuff away in my room especially assembling what my roommate and i call the snack drawer, well that and seeing my friend Colt. I had a lot to setup and unpack along with meeting my roommate. All in all i had a very eventful first day.