Saturday, July 30, 2016

DAY 20!!!!!!!!!

UK stadium.

Today is it. The Final showcase. Everyone his rushing around packing, working, and crying. The showcase was really good. It was definitely in a better venue this time. My music class played Rose rhythm in the showcase. I feel like we did really good. After the showcase most people started leaving and checking out. I was crying, But most of the first years were crying so hard. It made me sad. I felt so bad for them. My room mate left so I'm going to be alone tonight. I'm Going to miss everyone here so much. 

DAY 19!!!!!!!!!

Me in a chicken egg at the Salato center.

Today was the last day of classes. My walk across Kentucky class went to the Salato center and seen some wildlife. I seen a bald eagle, some snakes, a huge turtle, and got to take some really cool pictures. After that I got back ate dinner and did the talent show. I was so nervous I was shaking. I don't feel I did as good as I could have because of how nervous I am. I sang Stay by Sugarland.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DAY 18!!!!!!!!!

Well, Today has been great. Chayse didn't end up leaving :), I got to go on a field trip to the arboretum and take some beautiful pictures, walk around in nature, and play games with friends. Its crazy here at camp right now because we only have a few days left its sad and its a lot of work, but camp is worth it. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DAY 17!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye Bye Chayse <3

Today was full of raw emotions and work. I'm really gonna miss my boy Chayse. That was my replacement bubby and I hate to see him go out at the end like this, but out of all the most rebellious over the top ways to go out I'd say he takes the cake. Other than the Chayse stuff I feel a lot better than yesterday. I have gotten a lot of work done, but still have work to do. I'm a bit confused on the whole music instrument assignment, but everything will be okay.

DAY 16!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks on the porch in the morning.

The last Monday, which means its the start of the end of camp. Camp has become so dramatic and it honestly makes me sad, but I still love this place. I felt terrible most of the day so I came back to the dorms to take a nap and that helped a lot. At one point it started storming and I thought Martina came knocking on my door to wake me up, but turns out it was just thunder. 

DAY 15!!!!!!!!

Rachel and I

Today was Sunday I slept in, went swimming, and did the GEAR UP Olympics. 

DAY 14!!!!!!!!!

Kevin The Frog at the GEAR UP dance party.
Today was Saturday so I got to sleep in for a bit. Today wasn't a very busy day. I ate slept, did laundry with Alley, went and seen Zootopia, and then went to the dance party on the back porch.  Zootopia was a really good movie and I had a lot of fun going and seeing it. I thought it was definitely one of the best children's movies I have seen in awhile. The dance party was another high point of the day. It started off to bright and kind of boring so I just sat and talked to some friends, but it got crazier and way more fun as time went on and it got darker outside.

DAY 13!!!!!!!!!!!

Alley and I at Malibu Jack's

Today was a really fun day. We got to get out of GUK 101 and our elective thank the lord. We got to choose to do optional activities. I chose to go skating. I love skating, but the thing was, was that I have only ever roller bladed before. At the place we went they only had normal skates. I fell a lot, but got better as time went on. After we came back and had dinner we all loaded up on buses and headed to Malibu Jack's. It was the first time I have ever been there and I had a blast.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

DAY 12!!!!!!!!

The Starbucks drink I wasn't supposed to have.

Today we had classes as normal. It was my last day of my elective class. It sort of got into a heated conversation over whether or not its okay to use Native Americans as mascots. I ate subway for lunch and bought a Starbucks coffee. I ended up hiding my coffee and having to throw it way because apparently everyone but me knew that Mathew didn't want us getting coffee today. They said it was because people have been getting sick because if the dairy in the coffee and that if the staff see us with coffee they might take it off our meal cards. So after I found that out I went into ninja coffee mode until I could get rid of it. I'm doing my work right now, checking over everything and making sure I'm all good to go to Malibu Jack's Tomorrow.    

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

DAY 11!!!!!!!!

Work, Work, Work, Work.
Today was a normal day, classes and work. I ate lunch at Taco Bell. I got a 5-layer burrito.  Ive heard a lot of people have been getting sick here lately at we aren't exactly sure why. We think maybe It has to do with expired milk at the Bowman's Den Starbucks because that is something everyone has been getting and ever since we have been getting it people have been getting sick. I really hope I don't get sick.

DAY 10!!!!!!! 

Objectives for the lecture in GUK 101 class.

Today was kind of boring. I did the usual go to class, eat, and have library time to get work done. After library time was free time I exercised and went running with my friends. I hate running, but love my friends. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

DAY 9!!!!!!!!!

Alisha, Alley, and I.
Today was as good day. We got to have our first week of electives. I chose The History of American Indians class. It seems to be very cool from what I have taken out of it so far. The professor doesn't seem like he plays around to much. Its the first class and He already assigned us to watch a 1 hour and 15 minute long video and then answer the questions that go with it due tomorrow, knowing we have a baseball game to go to tonight. The baseball game was fun we got to sit on the Pepsi party deck and the game actually didn't get rained out this year. I got my boyfriend a baseball while I was there and had a great time with my friends.

DAY 8!!!!!!!!!!!

The inside of a hazard cone. I took this picture. 

Today was really fun. I got to sleep in for the first time since I've been here. Once I woke up and got ready it was time for lunch. Right after lunch was swim time. I was really mad that this year we had to do a swim test in front of the whole aquatic center. We didn't have to do that last year and I was NOT happy about that at all. After that we had to change and go do the GEAR UP Olympics. It was great, except for when Daniel hit me in the head with the Frisbee. It hurt so bad. Its all bumped up and bruised. My roommate says I have a goose egg. So now everyday until it goes away we say I have hatched one goose. By the end of this I have no idea how many geese I'll have. 

DAY 7!!!!!!!!!!

Colt with Kevin the Frog. 

So, Today was honestly really good and chill with a side of some crazy. After breakfast this morning we all split off into our Fusion groups and went to our community services projects. When we showed up to the Woodland Learning Center the lady who was supposed to be there to let us in never showed up. Our group was just about to leave when one of the girls started having a seizure. It was honestly really scary I felt so bad for her. She ended up being okay and we were the first group that made it back to the dorms. My group got to be the first group to do laundry and that was good because I needed to do laundry. Once everyone was good on laundry we all played cards together and that was really fun. Later on in the day I went with a group to target. I hung out with Colt to make sure he didn't spend to much money. I bought a purse and Colt got me Kevin the Frog. Martina loves him.

DAY 6!!!!!!!

My favorite piece of art from the gallery hop. 

The gallery hop was today and for the second time in a row it was amazing! The whole day was basically dedicated to nothing but art and I loved it. I've been in art club for 3 years and art classes ever since elementary school. I have been thinking about maybe double majoring with Art Studio and Psychology.

DAY 5!!!!!!!

Jalyn and I.
So, today I was so sleepy. Its the day before the gallery hop I'm so excited. We had the GUK 101 class today and that was really cool because we got to take a small assessment and find out what our personality type is. That was a very awesome thing to get to find out because that seemed very psychology based and I love psychology. Some people stayed up to play trivia night, but I was ready to head up to my room. Once I got to my room I just hung out with Rachel until I got sleepy.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

DAY 4!!!!!!!

Lilly, Rachel, and I in my room. 
Today was the first day of classes and so far I like them. I am happy that the second year group likes each other and get along for the most part because we have to spend most of the day with each other. It was great to see some of the same teachers from last year. Mathew was proud of all of us for being good and on time so he let us get Starbucks in the library and then after dinner a free night for the rest of the night. It was great to have some free time and get to hang out with friends. with nights like we had tonight I would really like to have more free time. 

DAY 3!!!!

Johnson center staff and I posing on the climbing wall.  
Today was a great day. I loved going to the Johnson Center. I got to do black light yoga, play corn hole, win the corn hole competition with my team, and pose for a picture on the rock wall with some of the staff. Once we all left the Johnson Center, we went to lunch. I got my usual 5-layer beefy bean burrito and a rock star baja blast. I was a bit disappointed about the amazing race getting rained out, but all in all it was still a pretty good day.   

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Judith and I. 

Today, was a very busy day as usual here at GEAR UP. We had the beginning of the academy struggles. Link blue was a total pain and so was navigating canvas for some people. After all of that was over we got to use our meal cards for the first time. Taco Bell was completely full of people but I still stayed anyway. I got my usual 5-layer beefy bean burrito and a rock star baja blast. Soon after lunch was over we headed back to the nursing building where we sat through a few lectures and activities until we all loaded the buses for dinner. I was so excited to be able to see my old RIA Ana as well. At dinner it was definitely an interesting night at the Chinese restaurant. We were able to try different foods, listen to Chinese music, and had the opportunity to get to do Chinese karaoke.  

Monday, July 11, 2016

2nd summer

First Day Back

"The Lucky Charms" with our group banner. 

Day one of my second year was very hectic. I made a few new friends and seen a few old friends. This year, even from the start seems to be A LOT different than last year. We have new RIAS, dorms, people, places to eat, and things scheduled to do. I am excited to see how this year is going to unfold and how my peers and I are going to benefit from this experience.