Thursday, July 16, 2015

DAY 10 AT GEARUP!!!!!!

 We had to do a demonstration speech in class today. Nicole did Colts make-up that was so funny. I taught everyone how to draw a 4-leaf clover. After i finished my demonstration we all went up to the front of the class and we all sang while Kaitlyn played guitar. I ended up singing "i see fire" by Ed Sheeran in front of the whole class and i usually don't do that. when Kaitlyn and I finished a lot of people told me I was really good and that I have to do the talent show. I really want to but i'm nervous, Kaitlyn told me that I have to do it and shes not letting me drop out of it. We also, went to the special collections place here in one of the buildings.I thought that was really cool I got a picture of me holding original Latin music sheets from if I remember correctly sometime in the 1300's. I nearly had nervous breakdown when we got back after dinner because we were in the library working for three hours in order to get everything caught up and finished it was AWFUL. Once I returned from that death sentence I practiced more with Kaitlyn for the talent show and that was basically my in a nut shell.
Colt getting his make-up done.

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