Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DAY 6 AT GEARUP!!!!!!!!

Our wall at Steam academy
Today was the start of the weekend so no classes until Monday (YAY!!). We all got up and went to our fusion groups I went to the Steam academy to help paint and the principal gave me a canvas to paint and send back with Dr. Henry so she can hang it up I thought that was really cool and nice of her ( though I have no idea what i'm going to do just yet.) She also let me pick a place on the wall to paint something. I started it off by myself but after awhile a lot of people jumped in to help and it turned into a group project even though we didn't finish it before we had to go it was still really fun to do. Once we got back I ran back to my room and got a shower really quick to wash the paint off me so I could go swimming. Swimming was really fun. Then after we did that we had free time until we had this little party thing and it was fun everyone was hanging out and dancing. That was basically the end of the day.   

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