Tuesday, July 19, 2016

DAY 7!!!!!!!!!!

Colt with Kevin the Frog. 

So, Today was honestly really good and chill with a side of some crazy. After breakfast this morning we all split off into our Fusion groups and went to our community services projects. When we showed up to the Woodland Learning Center the lady who was supposed to be there to let us in never showed up. Our group was just about to leave when one of the girls started having a seizure. It was honestly really scary I felt so bad for her. She ended up being okay and we were the first group that made it back to the dorms. My group got to be the first group to do laundry and that was good because I needed to do laundry. Once everyone was good on laundry we all played cards together and that was really fun. Later on in the day I went with a group to target. I hung out with Colt to make sure he didn't spend to much money. I bought a purse and Colt got me Kevin the Frog. Martina loves him.

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