Thursday, July 21, 2016

DAY 12!!!!!!!!

The Starbucks drink I wasn't supposed to have.

Today we had classes as normal. It was my last day of my elective class. It sort of got into a heated conversation over whether or not its okay to use Native Americans as mascots. I ate subway for lunch and bought a Starbucks coffee. I ended up hiding my coffee and having to throw it way because apparently everyone but me knew that Mathew didn't want us getting coffee today. They said it was because people have been getting sick because if the dairy in the coffee and that if the staff see us with coffee they might take it off our meal cards. So after I found that out I went into ninja coffee mode until I could get rid of it. I'm doing my work right now, checking over everything and making sure I'm all good to go to Malibu Jack's Tomorrow.    

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